Making a Plan for Mother’s Day During a Pandemic

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A few years ago I wrote a post making a plan for my first Mother’s Day without my mom. I was so emotional that first year without her. I just read the post again, thinking I might share it, but so much of it is hard to apply if you don’t live with your children anymore and have to keep distances and stay home in this strange and unprecedented time of history.

So, what will I do my first Mother’s Day without my mom or children or grands with me? I would have hoped for some outdoor fellowship, but it looks like we will have a cold and cloudy day in Minnesota. And I’m still recovering from surgery which limits me some.

What can a momma do in times like this?

I can spend time praying for each of my children and grandchildren. And maybe instead of praying for their needs, I can focus more on thanking God for all the good qualities I see in each of them.

If I’m feeling up to it, maybe I will bake a cake with Mom’s recipe, and stir it up in her old bowl, and put it on her cake platter. And I will remember all the things my sweet momma used to do to give her family joy and how blessed we were to have her.

Maybe I’ll call one of our relatives in Louisiana. She always loved to call her family. That one might make me cry though. I’ll have to see if I’m up to that.

I could spend some time looking at old photos and stirring up memories. I might sing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”, the last hymn Momma was singing on her own, and a precious one to remember any day.

I wish the lilacs were blooming. Often they are by this time of year, but we are having too many cold days here now. Lilacs always bring back memories of Momma, young and healthy, filling vases with the lavender beauties. And I can almost smell the scented sheets that captured some of their perfume when they were hung out on the line.

Maybe some of my children will stop by and visit through the door or make video calls. And hopefully I’ll get a peek at some adorable grandchildren, too. I pray I’ll soak in their love and take joy in the moments and smiles.

It’s a different Mother’s Day. But the love is still there. The love is real. Social distancing doesn’t erase love.

I pray that I’ll keep a grateful heart. I will remember that even though I can’t hug my children and grands right now, I am so blessed to have each one of them.

And I will remember my momma with a grateful heart, too. She loved us all so well and left me a beautiful example.

And I will continue to pray for my 97 year old mother-in-law who is in quarantine now, because she’s tested positive for the Coronavirus. We are so thankful that she hasn’t shown any symptoms and it’s been over a week now.

It will be a strange and different Mother’s Day. But it can still be good. God is with us. His presence is real. His peace is a comfort to His children who trust in Him.

And when I miss Momma, I can picture her smiling. Happy and strong again, rejoicing in paradise with Jesus.

I pray each of you reading this has a very blessed Mother’s Day! I’d love to hear some of your plans!


  1. So beautiful. Mother’s Day has been extra special to me with my son in the last few years. I’m going to miss traveling with him somewhere interesting to spend the day. This year I read a lot of old cards from my parents and some of the love notes Dad wrote Mom.

    1. That’s a wonderful idea, Karen! Tomorrow is my birthday too. I’m so glad I found some old birthday cards from my mom and dad. I get choked up reading them, they are so sweet! I’m going to set them out and savor them tomorrow.

  2. Cheryl, wishing you a very blessed Mother’s Day. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your journey. This will be my first Mother’s Day without my mom. But in reality, I’d lost her a several years before to Alzheimer’s. Such a nasty disease. But, like you, I am so thankful for the years I had with her. As I went through that journey with her, your posts comforted, gave me ideas, helped me through the very hard times. Thank you so much and I pray God pours out serendipitous blessings upon you!

    1. Oh Lynette, I’m sorry for your loss. How did your Mother’s Day go? (Sorry for the late response here.) I’m grateful that my posts were a comfort to you. May God continue to give you grace and blessings. Thank you for your kind comments! ~Cheryl

  3. Cheryl, praying for your continued healing this Mother’s Day! I have a lovely pot of mixed plants and flowers to deliver to the memory care to my mom tomorrow. It’s awful not being able to see her. I wrote her a letter remembering all the special things she did for me growing up and how she taught me to love God and put my faith in Him by her example. My daughter and her husband came over with the two year old today. We social distanced on the patio and ate hamburgers from Sonic. The granddaughter swung and played in her playhouse by the patio. I watched her and thanked God for her and her parents. The virus is awful but we can rejoice in God’s love and care for us still.

  4. Ivy, thank you so much for your prayers. I love that you wrote a letter like that you your mom! What a wonderful idea. And I’m glad that you had some time with family, too! I ended up seeing most of my children and grands and hearing from all of them. You are so right, we can still rejoice in God’s love and care for us! He is so good! May He bless you richly! ~Cheryl

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