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My sweet mama passed away December of 2016. And in five days it will be one year since my daddy passed. I thought I’d learned a lot about grieving as I gradually lost the mom I knew to Alzheimer’s.

But the valley is full of even more holes than the shadows were, and I stumble into tears and heavy-heartedness.

I find myself cherishing things and moments that make me feel more connected to Mom and Dad. Like today, when I called T-Mobile and the customer service rep was so kind and had a southern accent.

My mama was raised in Louisiana, and even though she pretty much lost her accent living in Minnesota, we’d still visit with relatives from the south. So it just makes me happy, happy, happy to hear a southern drawl!

I had to ask the rep where he was from and tell him about mama even! (Come to think of it, that’s something Mom would have done. I sometimes thought she wasted business people’s time being over-friendly. But now I’m proud of her for making the world a warmer place.)

Anyway, for those who want to know, he was from Missouri. But there was something about hearing that southern accent that made me feel like Mama was closer. And it was sweetly comforting.

I feel some of that comfort when I cook or bake with Mom’s recipes, too. And even when I scrub with Comet or polish wood furniture with Lemon Pledge. The scents bring back memories of a young healthy mom busy taking care of us and the security of childhood.,

I even bought myself a Christmas present “from Mom” this year. She used to read Guidepost magazines. I hadn’t read it for years, but I remembered liking them when I read them at Mom’s. So I ordered my own subscription.

Shortly after I ordered it, I was cleaning out the desk I inherited from Mom and Dad and found one envelope that had been missed when Dad shredded old documents, with a bank statement and cancelled checks from when Mom was my age! And guess what I found? She had ordered or renewed her Guidepost subscription that month! (And by the way, the subscription price has gone down since 1991!)

I love that I found that check! And I feel a Mom connection when I read Guideposts now. Which by the way I’m really enjoying! Such an inspiring and encouraging magazine! Somehow, Mama feels a little closer as I read “her” magazine. And I feel her warm smile.

But the best comfort by far is knowing that Mama and Daddy believed in Jesus and are with Him now, and that because of all that we are celebrating this Sunday, we will be together again for eternity!

Happy Resurrection Day! He has risen!

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  1. This lovely post brought tears to my eyes. I can very much identify with everything you wrote. Also, as a writer, I’m inclined to suggest that you query Guidepost, about writing an article for their publication and include this precious post.
    Anyway, I wish you a blessed Easter, and as a dear friend of mine would say, ‘I’m glad the tomb is empty.” It’s our confirmation of HOPE.

  2. I love cooking from my Momma’s recipes and reading her handwritten notes on them. I also love reading Guidpost as my Momma read them and always bought my brother and I a subscription to it also. I was caught completely off guard on vacation with my brother and sister in law when my brother won a drawing and I grabbed my phone to share the good news and funny story with Momma and Daddy and suddenly realized I had no way to call them …. I love the moments that I remember like you do but I understand the ache of missing them too. Thank you for sharing your story and have a blessed a Resurrection Sunday !

  3. I’m so thankful for memories! What a gift God gives us. Have a blessed Easter week. He is risen indeed!

  4. I felt every word you said in this post. I can only imagine how much you miss your mom and dad. They are in the loving arms of God now. You earned two wonderful angels from up above. God bless!

  5. I agree, the best comfort is knowing my parents knew Jesus. They are in Heaven together and completely healed. After saying that it makes me feel selfish for wishing they were here. So thankful for a loving, faithful God who heals even if it is in Heaven and not on earth. It makes me happy my Mom no longer has dementia

    1. I think it’s part of being human to want our loved ones with us still. What a blessing when we can know they are with Jesus and well again! God bless and comfort you, Kelly.

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