Sweet Support and Stories

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I love hearing from readers, even though many of your stories are heartbreaking or bittersweet. You have all been a support group for me through this journey. You have blessed me, encouraged me, and prayed for my family–even though most of you don’t know me.

And occasionally your stories make me smile.
Today Dona commented on a blog post What I’ll Say to my Children if I’m Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s and I just have to share it…

“My 89 year-old mom, too, had Alzheimer’s. It was during one of her more lucid days that she said, ‘I don’t know why God just doesn’t take me now. I’m ready to go.’

I went into my preaching mode and reminded her that Jesus said he was going to prepare a house for her and when her house was ready, I was sure he’d come for her.

She replied ‘I can just live with my mom and dad! They won’t care!’

Thank you for sharing Dona! And a big thanks to all my readers! I can’t even express how much you lift my heart! May God bless you all and give you each grace for your own journey.

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