Happy April Fools’ Day

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I tend to ignore April Fools’ Day, but my mom used to get a kick out of it .  It seems funny to me because, though she had a great sense of humor, she was never one to tell jokes or funny stories. But she did like her April Fools’ Day!

One year she dipped cotton balls in unsweetened chocolate.  It looked like delicious candy. I’m sure you can imagine what it tasted like.  I have vague memories of her sending “interesting” sandwiches in Dad’s lunch bag, too.

Another year I heard she drove to Dad’s office, about a twenty minute drive, and switched cars with him–leaving her car in a different parking space of course.

Now Mama doesn’t know one day from another.  But she still has a beautiful smile and she still loves to laugh with people. And when her eyes sparkle with happiness, so do mine.



  1. Mom does still have that beautiful smile. If I tell a favorite joke I got from her she still laughs. Alzheimer’s may rob a lot from the people it affects but it can’t rob the love and feelings I will always have for her.

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