Learning Sweet Silence

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Sometimes it’s better to not say much. Talking with Mama seems to agitate her more often than not these days.

I’ll ask her, “How are you today, Mom?”
And she will shout back with attitude, “OKAY!”

So I’m learning to not ask many questions. And I’m trying to talk less. And I’m learning to just sit close to Mama and see what she wants to do with our visit.

I’m finding out sometimes she has questions of her own. Like the other day she abruptly asks, “How old are you?”
“I’m fifty-five.”
“Oh, my goodness!” Mama says. (My thoughts exactly!)
“I’m Sherry.”
“Sherry Lynn,” Mama quietly mumbles. And I rejoice at this connection.

Mama cuddles up next to me and puts her head on my shoulder. She grows still and dozes off. She is content. And so am I.

And though I love the power of questions and words and stories, sometimes silence is more comforting. Sometimes just being together, leaning on each other, is the best kind of communication.

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