God Sends His Comfort in Simple Blessings

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My challenges are different now then when I wrote this a few years ago. Today my challenges were talking to an endocrinologist about a big nodule on my thyroid that needs another biopsy and dealing with other ongoing health concerns and waiting for the repair man to come fix our air conditioning during a heat wave.

But it comforts me to read this and remember, that even when challenges change, God’s grace and comforts remain. And it warms my heart to picture again precious memories made with my mom and dad, who are both now with Jesus.

God still sends simple blessings that make a difference. I hope this post is one for you. And I pray that, whatever challenges you are dealing with today, you will know that God is with you and sense His comfort in whatever way He reveals it to you.

November 25, 2014

Sometimes, in the midst of challenges, you see that simple things can make a big difference…Some days the bad news keeps whacking you in the face. Some days you’re worried about family members with health concerns, insurance companies that seem to have no heart, cars that have problems after you just spent a thousand dollars in repairs, and riots in the streets.Throw in some preparations for feeding 16 to 20 people lunch and supper on Thanksgiving and all that goes into that and stress levels rise more.

But I had a chance, when I brought Dad home from the dentist today, to sit with Mama. I cuddled next to her on the love seat and put my head on her shoulder. My daughter Annie stood nearby, and Mama patted the corner on the other side of her and said, “Have a sit down.” And so Annie and I sandwiched Mama in a cozy snuggle. And I thought what a difference a little gentle affection can make.

A little later I moved over by Dad so I could read him the mail. He doesn’t get much but bills and ads, but today he had a handwritten letter from a grand-daughter who said she couldn’t sleep and God was prompting her to write to him. I read it aloud, since he’s blind. And the letter spoke of sweet memories and of respect and tender love for grandparents, and Dad and I both choked up. And I thought what a difference a few kind words can make.

I moved back to sit close to Mama. Dad played some songs my brother had downloaded for them. We listened to, How Great Thou Art, I Love You a Bushel and a Peck, Tennessee Waltz, Oh What a Beautiful Morning and several other favorites. Mama sat quietly and tapped my arm a bit. Dad closed his eyes and I saw him smiling and I saw his chin quiver and I saw him wipe his eyes. And I thought what a difference a few sweet melodies and lyrics can make.

The problems aren’t resolved. The work isn’t done. The world is still weary.

But God gives comfort in the chaos. He gives us wrinkled hands to hold and kind words to share. He gives us the gift of music. He gives us loved ones to cuddle close to and family to love.

He gives us simple blessings that make a big difference.


  1. Your posts are so encouraging and Today I’m taking the time to say THANKS, just a simple thing but from the heart. My mom has Alzheimer’s and dad just needs a lot of help. Saying a prayer for you and your health❣️

    1. Tammy, thank you so much for taking time to encourage me and pray! It blesses me! May God bless and strengthen you as you help your mom and dad. Praying that you will feel God’s grace and comfort today.

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