Are You my Husband?

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Mom sees Dad walking by her this afternoon and asks, “Are you my husband?”

“Yes, he replies. “I’m your husband. I’m your sweetheart. I’m the man who loves you.”

“Oh…” Mom says as she contemplates this, “Thank you.”

Later in the early evening, Dad settles down on the couch to watch the news. Mom comes up to him and asks if she can sit by him. He gladly stretches his arm out on the back of the couch, so she can snuggle in next to him.

Putting her head on his chest, she looks content, and says, “You’re…” she pauses, trying to think of the fitting word. “You’re likable,” she says with a nod and a satisfied smile.

Dad chuckles and says, “Nice to know.”

This was a memory from seven years ago this week. Daddy and Mom are both with Jesus now. They are in my thoughts always.

This week was Daddy’s birthday. He was my hero. His love and devotion to Mom was unconditional and unwavering, even when she no longer knew him. Even when he was taking care of her as he struggled with his own diabetes and blindness.

It’s hard … missing them and all the emotions. But I’m grateful for all the time we did have together, and the eternity we will share because of the love of Jesus.

And it helps to picture them together again, seeing and knowing each other once more. I can only imagine the joy!


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