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“I love you,” I say to Mom.
“Well, I did, too,” Mom says. And then she adds, “Always.”
“You always loved me?”
“Yes, I did,” she says with confidence.

I smile, and even though I’m guessing she doesn’t really know what she’s saying, I still know her words are true. She has always loved me. Always.

And something about hearing her say so makes the day glisten, like bright sunshine after rain. It feels like a gift from Jesus….a moment of fresh mama love and memories of her sweet faithfulness.

And I know I am blessed. Always.


  1. I say it daily “I love you mom” and I know in my heart she understands me. Sometimes she will say back “I love you too” . With the progress of the disease and speaking skills being involved each time I hear my mother speak is so special. Sometimes it’s hard for her to find the words she wants when talking to family on the speaker phone. I help her by say “we love “my sister name” don’t we mom. She will respond usually with a yes. If not she will smile and shake her head yes and I tell my sister what she is doing. I have my speaking skills yes and I think it is important to let your loved one know often how much they mean to you. “I love you” cost nothing to say and you never know when you will no longer have that choice.

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