Looking for Me!

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The other day I found Mom walking around in the hallway.  “What are you doing, Mom?”

“I’m looking for something.”

“What are you looking for?”

She shouted, “ME!”

Today I asked Mom what her name was.  She answered, “Annabel.”

“Your name is Annabel?”

“Yep.  Annabel,” she calmly answered.

“Where’s Nina?” I asked.

Mom glanced around and said, “I don’t know where Nina is.”

I felt discouraged that she didn’t even recognize her own name.  I held out my hand to her, as she sat in her rocking chair. “I want to hold your hand,” I said.

Mom slipped her hand in mine, and her face lit up in a sweet smile as she said, “I like you.” Oh how my heart was warmed.

“I like you, too!  And I’m so happy you like me!” I answered.  We chatted some more, and I reminded her of some parts of her childhood. She ended up naming all nine of her siblings.

Mama doesn’t know her own name today. But I will hold the memory of her soft hand holding mine, and her bright smile, and her volunteering that she likes me as my treasures today.

And I will hold the truth of restoration in Heaven as my treasure for eternity. There Mama will no longer be looking for herself.  She’ll know her own name again. She’ll know mine, too. And what a tender, precious hug we’ll have when we first meet up again there.

And then we’ll hold hands and her face will light up in a smile.  And I picture her saying, “You are my daughter, Cheryl.  And I love you.” And I will weep with the joy of it all.

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