Sweet Moments

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A few memories of today…

I walk in the house and say hi to Mom and Dad. Mom, standing by the hallway, doesn’t look my way but asks, “Where are you?”

“I’m right here.”

“Oh, okay,” Mom responds happily, still without looking at me, and walks down the hallway.  I think she sees her own reflection in the hall mirror and believes that is me speaking to her, but who really knows.

I get the bathroom prepped for her bath, and then seeing her walking out of the bedroom, I open my arms for a hug.  She walks into my embrace and I savor the hug.  “I love you, Mama.”

She is quiet for a bit and then says softly, “I love you too, honey.” Such sweetness to my soul!

The bath and dressing process has its usual challenges. But then we sit together in the living room while Dad is busy with his own things. And we sing a couple songs together as she plugs in phrases here and there. And then I sing “How Great Thou Art” and she keeps gently nodding approval and at one point interrupts to say, “That is good.”

When Dad comes back in with Mom, I do some cleaning. I don’t enjoy cleaning, as some say they do, and yet there is something satisfying in seeing muddy floors made clean and crumbs swept and vacuumed and wiped up.

I sit to cool off a bit and wait for floors to dry.  Lawrence Welk comes on and I see Dad, closing his eyes listening, soaking in the sweet sounds. And I see Mom so peaceful, resting her head against Dad’s shoulder and gently patting and tapping her fingers up and down Dad’s arm.

And I think how very grateful I am that I still have both my parents.  And how very blessed I am to see Dad’s faithful, sacrificial caring for Mom. And how precious it is to see a love that has made it through sickness and health and through richer and poorer.

And how indescribably thankful I am that death won’t part us forever. Because of Jesus it has no hold.  Because of Jesus we will have eternity together in new bodies that are healthy and able. And I can picture Mom and Dad, walking straight and strong and sure on those golden streets singing, “How Great Thou Art.” And it is good.

But for now, they are snuggling on the love seat, and I will hold these tender moments in my heart.









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