All is Calm…All is Right

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I was so exhausted after Mom’s bath.  I was praying for strength.  Mom was angry and hollering at me the whole time. I know she can’t help it and doesn’t know what she’s saying, but it’s still so draining to hear her vehemently protesting everything I’m doing, when I’m only trying to help her.

After I got the bathroom cleaned up, I sank into a chair as I joined Mom and Dad in the living room.  I chatted with Dad awhile.  I asked  if he’d listened to the Karen Kingsbury book on CD that I’d given him for Christmas.  His eyes twinkled and he said he’d listened to half of it on Christmas night and then decided he was using it up too quickly.  He now limits himself to one disc an evening.

He  started telling me the plot.  I asked if the reader of the audio book was good and he said she was and asked me if I wanted to hear some of it.  I agreed, thinking I’d be listening to a minute or so, just to get an idea of it. But apparently Dad was in no hurry to turn it off. So I settled back and put my feet up and listened to the middle of the book, a disc he had already listened to once.

The whole forty or so minutes we were listening, Mom sat next to Dad on the love seat quietly. She would pat his arm or pick and pull a bit at his sleeve. And she looked sweet and peaceful sitting by him.

My stress eased away as I soaked in the story and the comforting sight of Mama cuddling Dad contentedly. I smiled with gratefulness for Karen Kingsbury and because Dad was obviously enjoying his Christmas gift. Mama’s next to Dad, God is in His heaven, and all’s right in my world for this moment.

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