The Shocking Story

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I’m slightly in shock. My dad, a retired mechanical engineer who always said fiction was a waste of time, just told me the whole plot of the second Karen Kingsbury’s Christian romance novel he’s listened to.

He requested this one after he heard the first one from the Library for the Blind. He choked up a couple times sharing the story with me. Oh, my sweet daddy.

He says listening to these books reminds him of his own love story with mom. He says, “We knew we loved each other right away. Now she can’t share these memories with me.  She doesn’t even know we’re married.”

So he takes some comfort in these stories.  And he says they take his mind off his worries and give him a break from the stresses.

And I remind him that when they are in heaven together Mom will remember their stories.  And Dad replies with confidence, “Oh yes.  We’re counting on that.”

And so I am choked up and misty now, thinking what a dear and tender daddy I am blessed with.  And I’m thankful he’s discovered what I’ve known for decades—Christian fiction can be worth our time. And in case you are wondering, the novel he just listened to is titled Loving.

And I think that title describes my Dad so well.

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