The Fall and the Family

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Dad sounded breathless and concerned when he called last night. Mom had fallen on the bathroom floor and he needed help getting her up. When I arrived Mom was sitting in the hallway, where she had scooted, and seemed content there as she was pulling up the edge of the carpeting.

I brought a chair over for her to pull herself up on, and we tried to lift her, but she didn’t know how to cooperate and help and Dad and I couldn’t manage it.  I looked at the time and it occurred to me that my son should just be getting home from his work as a security guard.  I called Allen and he came over right away, all strong and professional looking, in his uniform.

He said, “Hi Grandma!” in his warm, cheerful voice. “I’m going to help you get up now.” He went behind her and put his arms under hers and lifted her easily. And then she was standing and walking out into the living room and everything was fine.  She sat down in her chair with no more mention, or probably any memory, of being on the floor.

Dad and I sighed with relief and thanked Allen with grateful hearts. I sat and visited with Mom while Dad got some things done. I was so thankful to see she wasn’t hurt. We chatted a bit.  She asked where Dad was.  I said he was in the bathroom.  Mom answered, “I thought that’s where I was.”

She pointed to a couple of throw blankets on the love seat and asked me who they were.  Twice. But she seemed pleasant and cheerful in what she shared, though obviously confused, as usual.

But before I left I said, “I love you, Mama.”

And she smiled and answered, “I thought you did.”

And that made me smile as I went home. And I thought about my family and how blessed I am. I remembered the encouraging conversation I’d had with my older daughter earlier in the day.  I thought about how one of my sons had picked up my younger daughter from school when I couldn’t, and how another son had picked up my mom off the floor.

And it made me think how good God is to give us families and how rich I am to have six children. And how sweet it is to have three generations living close by each other. And how encouraging it is that we can all help each other in different ways.

And how precious it is to know we love each other.

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