Everyone Else Has The-Wonderful-Perfect-Life

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I woke up with a headache. Then I learned that an older family member had called and talked to my husband.  She wasn’t feeling well and felt like she was a bother to everyone and that she wasn’t needed. My heart was heavy.  My husband and I talked about what we could maybe do for her and then discussed other concerns of life.

A little later I skimmed through Facebook and saw all my friends with their beautiful families, their lovely vacations, their announcements of weddings and grandchildren on the way and, though I was truly happy for them, I became convinced that everyone else had The- Wonderful-Perfect-Life while I was stuck in The-Something’s-Always-Wrong-Life.

I quickly sunk into my own little pity party.  My husband tried to encourage me.  He said wise things but I kept bringing up more negatives. Finally I said, “I need to go read my Bible and spend time with God.”  My husband nodded in agreement.

I prayerfully read my Bible. I read some verses of conviction.  I searched for comfort. I flipped to Psalm 86 and saw verse 17, “Show me a sign for good…”

“Yes, Lord,” I prayed. “Please show me a sign for good.  I want to feel Your presence.  Please could You send some encouragement?”

Immediately I felt a quiet prompting, “Send some encouragement to someone else.” So, I found a couple cards in my file, and started writing to a friend.  I put my I-pod on shuffle as I wrote, and songs of worship and faith poured over my soul. Tears ran down my face as I heard, “In You I find my strength, in You I find my peace.  Let the praises ring!”

As I addressed the cards, an old favorite came on. Chris Tomlin sang…”I lift my hands to believe again.  You are my refuge, You are my strength.  As I pour out my heart these things I remember…You are faithful God forever…”

And I knew it was true.

And I was reminded that music is a gift from God and that we are made to worship to Him. And as we do He heals and restores us.

And I also knew once again that we were created to love God and others. And that as we seek to give love and encouragement it will sweeten our own souls even more.

And somewhere in the midst of it all I chuckled at myself for my own pity party.  Because, in truth, I know that life is hard for everyone. Despite perceptions I know that no one has the Wonderful Perfect Life. We all have challenges all the time.

Which is why we all need one another. And why we all need our faithful God.


  1. Thank you for so beautifully expressing what so many of us feel. I sent my Momma to heaven in Sept of 2015 and now continue to care for my daddy. He wants to die and go be with Momma. I understand but it is SO hard because Momma wanted to LIVE. She fought hard against cancer to live, and I miss her so much. I greatly appreciate you sharing your life and struggles and belief in God. God Bless you and your family.

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