Will Holidays be This Emotional and Hard From Now On?

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This post isn’t about Mother’s Day, but I thought it might be meaningful for those missing loved ones today. May God bless and comfort you.

God's Grace and Life's Challenges

The breeze lifts the lace curtain and a cool breeze blows in the open window. I smell rain in the air as the baseball game plays on the television.

And it all brings up memories of childhood and home and Mom and Dad. I wonder why that is. Because the windows were open more as I was growing up without air conditioning? I want to go visit Mom and Dad.

I want to give Daddy a big hug and feel his strong arms around me. I want to smell the Old Spice powder he used after his showers. I want to hear Daddy belting out, “Oh What a Beautiful Morning…” as he shaves.

Why am I so melancholy today? Is it because of the rain? Or is it because it’s my wedding anniversary? Last year, my first year celebrating it without either parent living, was so emotional. I thought I…

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