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I keep hearing the heartbreaking news of people losing loved ones. Since both my parents passed on in the last five years, I know how especially hard that first year can be. So, when people I know lose someone close to them, I put them on my prayer list and remember them often in my prayers for at least a year.

And wow! My prayer list is long this year! Partly because of COVID. Partly because I’m in that age group where friends are losing their parents. And partly because life is hard and our world is tainted by cancer and sickness and crime and depression and tragic accidents.

I read obituaries and am struck sometimes by how briefly a whole life can be summed up. It’s intriguing to see what adjectives and facts are chosen to describe a person. It makes me wonder what words will come to mind when I pass on.

It makes me want my life to count.

I spend so much time at home now because of my health issues. I hope my loved ones will have more to say about me than, “She really loved chocolate and reading and Diet Mountain Dew.”

I want to live with a heart and life fully surrendered to God. Totally obedient to His call on my life.

Paul did much of his ministry from jail. Which makes me think that even those of us who are somewhat housebound, can still minister to others. And so I pray…

Abba Father, please help me to live each day in close fellowship with You. Lead me to faithfully lift up my loved ones, and all those You put on my heart, in earnest prayer. Remind me not to discount this time as being in any way unproductive, and to know that prayer is an essential ministry that You call us to.

And Abba, please help me to be sensitive and aware of Your gentle promptings. Give me grace and strength to follow through and obey You. May I always send the text or gift you nudge me to send. Give me courage to say the words, make the invitation. or take the next step as You lead. Help me to postpone the callings of my to-do list or pleasures whenever I hear Your whispers directing me another way.

Help me, Abba, to live a life that honors You no matter what my circumstances. And when the time comes, I hope people will be able to honestly sum up my life with words like, “She loved God with all her heart and she loved others well.”

I pray that I will fulfill Your purposes for my life, no matter how long or short that life may be.

“Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.” Psalm 90:12 (NKJV)

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  1. What timing our Father has!! I have followed your post for a while now as we are caregivers for my husbands 95 year old aunt with severe dementia. We lost my 60 year old brother to covid last Friday and will celebrate his homegoing this weekend. Your post / emails always come at the right time for me. Thank you for being obedient and listening to the Holy Spirit as He guides you. WOW!! This weekend is going to be hard but we are blessed to know that we will see Tim again. I work from home and being a caregiver I sometimes wonder if God is using me at all – and then this happens – and he brings people, hurting, encouraging people into my life ‘for such a time as this”.
    Thank you again for your obedience. Our Father uses you to minister to me.

    1. Theresa, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m grateful to hear that this post ministered to you and am blessed that you took the time to write and tell me! Thank you! I will be praying for you. May God continue to give you grace this weekend at your brother’s home going and as you minister to your husband’s aunt. May God bless and sustain you and cover you in His peace.

  2. I have followed your posts for a long time and enjoy reading them. God has given you the ability to uplift all who read your posts. I am a homebody. I prefer staying home to shopping, visiting, etc. Church events are about the only things I do. However, God is encouraging me to reach out to others and getting into His word for my life. I am thinking of beginning a card ministry. So few people send cards anymore. You have been put on my prayer list. I pray that God gives you the assurance that he is with you always throughout your health experiences. May he surround you with that assurance.

    1. What a blessing to read your encouraging message, Kathy! Thank you so much! I love sending and receiving cards and I’m sure that will be a very appreciated ministry! Thank you so much for your prayers, too! You warm my heart. 💕

  3. I started getting your posts about 2 or 3 years ago when I was DEEP into the constant care of my mom who had dementia for 13 years and my dad who suffered two broken hips. They both passed this last year 3 weeks apart at age 89 and 93. I miss them terribly but would not bring them back for anything. I know Heaven is so much more glorious than any of the wonderful times we had here on earth. Your posts helped me through some of the darkest days and nights of my life. I thank God for you and your willingness to reach out and share yourself and your emotions and your love for the Lord. You made my journey not so lonely by reminding me to laugh and look for the good in those times when I didn’t know how I’d make it through. I honestly feel it was God that brought me to your posts.
    I cannot thank you enough. I’m so sorry you are having health issues that confine you to your home but I so want to encourage you to keep writing and encouraging others through your posts. It is your gift from God and you do it so well . You DO make a difference in other’s lives. My prayers are with you that God will be your constant compaion and His word will be your comfort through your health issues.

    1. Praying God comforts you, Ivy as you miss your parents. You have blessed me many times over the years with your encouraging comments. I’m thankful we could help each other through these challenges! May the Lord continue to give you His grace and strength as we journey on. And thank you for encouraging me to continue writing. I’m grateful if God can use me in that way.
      Blessings! Cheryl

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