Seven Things I plan to do this First Father’s Day Without my Dad

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It’s a year later and now it will be my second Father’s Day without Dad. But these thoughts still ring true to my heart, so I’m sharing in case they will help yours. God bless you this weekend!

God's Grace and Life's Challenges

It will be here in a few days. My first Father’s Day with no Dad on this earth with me. He just passed in April. I’m still swimming in Executor of the Trust work and decisions. Maybe it’s good. It’s keeping me busy. It’s probably distracting me from some of the pain of grieving.

But I know my birthday in May was very emotional. And I’m guessing Father’s Day will be, too. I think it might help to prayerfully think about this and make a survival plan.

Here are seven things I hope to do, to survive and even maybe celebrate, this first Father’s Day without Dad…

  1. I want to take some time to honor Dad’s memory. I want to share stories and remember him with others. I’ll likely shed some tears. But that’s ok. I’ll probably laugh, too.

I’ve come to believe that grief is like that. It’s a…

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