Mama Lessons Keep Blessing Me

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This whole post is a Facebook memory from this day six years ago. I think God knew I would need it again. It is just what I needed to read….

I was helping Mom with her bath today, which she hates. She said, “I just want to go see my Daddy and cry.” Later she said, “I don’t think my Daddy is doing what he’s supposed to do.”

“What is he supposed to do?” I asked.

“Ask him,” she replied.

My own day has grown stressful with bad news. Honestly I feel like crying. I even question if God is doing what He is “supposed” to be doing.

But I can learn from my Mom again. I can go sit with my Heavenly Father and share my concerns and cry. I can be honest with Him about my questions. And then I can rest in the truth that He knows what He is doing, He doesn’t make mistakes, and He will work all things out for good to those who love Him.




  1. Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring post. You are so right, when life gets overwhelming we have to give it to GOD. HE is always there to help us through another day. Thank you again for your uplifting post. I really look forward to reading them. They have helped me through some ” trying” times. GOD BLESS you and your family.

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