My Daddy’s Girl

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What an emotional week it’s been. The joy of a new grandchild! The blessing of seeing my son hold his first child, a beautiful daughter, and see the love he has for his little girl already so evident in his gaze.

The heartache of seeing my dad go back into the hospital in serious condition. The exhausting waves of emotions as his health goes up and down. The sweet blessings of seeing God’s tender touch in answered prayers and in love and support offered.

Yesterday I arrived at the hospital while an aide was helping Dad with his lunch and talking with him. As I approached his room I overheard the aide ask, “How many children do you have?”
Dad: Four.
Aide: Sons or daughters?
Dad: Three sons and one daughter.

I waved as I walked into the room, and caught the aide’s attention.
Aide: Cheryl is here!
Dad: He’s blind so he’s not seeing me. Cheryl? That’s my girl.

My heart was warmed. I’m my Daddy’s girl. His only daughter. Right now it seems a huge responsibility. But also a huge honor!

And then I told Dad I brought him some of his favorite chocolate cake. And the way his face lit up made this daughter’s heart cheer!

I’m on my way to bring him more of his cake now. I’m my Daddy’s girl. And that’s a precious role to have.





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