A Tender Mercy

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Sometimes, in this heart-wrenching journey with Alzheimer’s, God sends moments of blessings that need to be gathered up and held close to the soul, and never forgotten…

Last night, after I fed Mama supper, I cuddled next to her on the bed. She was propped up on pillows, so I was lower than her. And from that angle her face looked thinner and older. I put my arm around her and laid my head next to her shoulder. And I cried.

And Mama kept tapping my arm and stroking it softly, as she lay there half asleep. Patting and tapping with her hand is a habit she has now. In reality it may not have meant anything to her.

But it still was a tender mercy to me.

Because I felt like my Mama was comforting me again. Like somehow she knew how I was already mourning her, and she was reassuring me with her gentle flutter-tapping on my arm. And her moments of mothering felt like a gift from God to be treasured.

And it felt like Mama was saying, with her tap-tapping, “I know you’re sad. I’m sorry it’s hard. It will be okay. Mama’s here.”

And then I said, “I love you, Mama.”

And she replied, “I love you, too.” And the moment was perfect.






  1. I love the way you see the value of giving your precious amazing mama the perfect gift—The gift of presence. Keep counting the blessings The One with a perfect memory continues to send. Blessings and love.

  2. Thank you for sharing your love for your mom and the Lord. I was recently diagnosed with early onset Alheimers. He gives me strength and joy to know that he will walk with me thru this illness. He gave me a wonderful husband of 37 years to take care of me during my last years on this earth and I am assured that He will be with us as He is with you and your mom.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, cjdotty. But what a comfort to know you are walking with our Lord. He will give you grace and sustain you. May He bless and comfort you and your dear husband. ~Cheryl

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