Seeing the First Signs of Alzheimer’s and Hearing the Diagnosis

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A reader just asked me about how old Mama was when she was diagnosed and how old she is now and if she ever knew she had Alzheimer’s. It reminded me of this post. Mama was 75 when she was finally diagnosed, but we knew for at least five years before that she was changing, and it gradually became more and more obvious. Now Mama is almost 83. And I still get teary eyed when I think about the day of her diagnosis and the phone call the next day…

God's Grace and Life's Challenges

I got home from Mom’s today and received a phone call from a friend whose loved one is showing signs of dementia and who is seeing a neurologist next week. And I remembered the concern and confusion when we first began seeing Mom’s personality changing.

She was still working, but was having continual conflict with a co-worker, which was unheard of for Mom. Then she started misplacing things. Every day. She would get so upset, and would search for hours for the lost item, and often it would finally be found in plain sight. She accused family members of taking her things or hiding them.

She started struggling with sewing projects, a thing she was so gifted in. She pretty much stopped cooking, but would get upset when Dad would step in and cook himself. He was taking her job, she said.  Her bathing and grooming habits changed. And she…

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