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Sometimes I need to review the lessons God is teaching me. It helped me to read this today…

God's Grace and Life's Challenges

Learning lessons of manna…

I was struggling with depressing thoughts last night. The news these days is so heartbreaking and life has its struggles. Sometimes God seems far away. I tossed and turned and thought of the Israelites in the wilderness and how God gave them manna to eat every day and led them with a pillar of cloud during the day and gave them light with a pillar of fire every night.

I wanted to feel God’s presence that real and that obvious every day. I wondered how the Israelites could doubt God’s existence and ask for an idol and disobey Him and complain when He was providing for them daily in such obvious ways. He was sending them the miracle of manna every morning.

I’m not even mentioning all the miracles He did to get them out of Egypt. But if even all they had was the manna…

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