You’re Better by Me

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Mama and I had a long cuddle on the loveseat today. And the memories we made are honey to my soul…

I sit down next to Mom, and she folds her hands around my arm, and says, “You’re better by me.” And I smile.

Then she says, “Where’s your butter?” And I chuckle.

She lays her head on my shoulder for just a second, and then she picks her head up again and cheerfully says, “That was a lot of fun.” And I think—who could make this up? She’s so cute.

She taps my leg and says, “You’re nice.”
“Aw-w,” I say. “I love you, Mama.”
“I love you, too,” she answers.

She chatters nonsensical words and questions interspersed with real words. I sing some of our songs. She taps my arm and rests her head on my shoulder and then eventually gets very quiet and peaceful.

So I just relax and soak in the soft sweetness. And I know Mama’s right when she says, “You’re better by me.”

And it’s just where I want to be.

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