Hi! Whoever You Are

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Mama sees me on the loveseat. She shuffles over to join me and sits down. She pats my back and says, “I like you.”

We cuddle awhile and she looks so cute that I take out my phone to try and take a selfie of us. She sees herself in the phone and smiles and wiggles her fingers in a wave as she says, “Hi, whoever you are!”

“That’s you, Mama.”

“That’s me? I didn’t know that.”

And I ponder how I often have the same thoughts when I look in the mirror these days. What’s with these gray roots and age spots and wrinkles? Where did they come from? Who is this person?

Maybe it will help my attitude if I follow Mom’s example and just smile at my reflection and wave and say, “Hi, whoever you are!”

And if that doesn’t make me laugh, I can always remind myself that Mama says she likes me. And that makes everything better.


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