My Mama, The Marauder

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Dad has a new name for Mom…

Mama found a magic marker somehow. Of course it was a permanent one and black. And of course she was wearing her newest, prettiest red dress that her sister had recently sewn and mailed to us. Why she wanted to draw on her dress I can’t tell you.

Some things are a mystery.

I can’t tell you why she worked so hard to pull the under-cabinet light fixture apart either. Or what she did with Dad’s story cartridge from the Library for the Blind.

Dad has a new name for her. He’s calling her The Marauder. In case you’re not familiar with that word, as I’m not particularly, myself….Wiktionary says…
marauder (plural marauders). Someone who moves about in roving fashion looking for plunder. A band of marauders. A band of outlaws who raid and pillage.”

Well, I guess that is fairly accurate.

Dad has had my brother install locks up high on bedroom doors and cupboards. Thankfully, Mom’s about ten inches shorter than him and doesn’t seem to look up when a door doesn’t open. Though she couldn’t reach the locks even if she did notice them.

Poor Dad has to be careful about leaving anything out these days. But he seems to be taking it all in stride and with a sense of humor. Mom keeps him on his toes! My sweet Mama… The Marauder.

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