I Don’t Want my Mom to be Erased

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I was so disappointed when I found this photo and saw how damaged it was. But now I see how well it fits with this post….

God's Grace and Life's Challenges

I feel like my mom is slowly being erased.  Yesterday I went to the bank, with my file of power of attorney papers, to make some money transfers for my parents.  As I was there the financial planner asked questions about my folks.  He said, to protect the accounts, we should get a letter from her doctor saying she’s incompetent to deal with financial decisions and that we should take her name off  the accounts.

After the meeting I kept feeling crabby, and I didn’t know why.  As I was driving to an event later that evening, I realized I was dealing with another loss.  I thought I was used to them.  The first time the neurologist told us mom had AD it felt so crushing, even though we suspected the truth. And then the first dozen times or so that she asked me who I was—it broke my heart. …

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