Talking to the Cookie Jar

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An American Bisque cookie jar using the Funny ...
An American Bisque cookie jar using the Funny Animal theme popular in America during the 1950s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a brand new Alzheimer’s experience with mom today. After she took her bath and got dressed, she went off looking for Dad. I was cleaning up in the bathroom and could hear her getting frustrated that she wasn’t finding him. So, I left my cleaning and followed her out to the kitchen and said, “Dad is still gone, but I’m here.”  Mom didn’t realize my voice was coming from behind her.

She looked up at the ceramic, squirrel shaped cookie jar perched on top of the broom closet, and asked, “Oh, is that you?”

“No,” I said.  “I’m here, behind you. Turn around.”

She kept looking up at the cookie jar.  She asked it, “Is Dad up there with you?”

“No,” I said. “Can you come over here with me?”

She didn’t turn around.  She just kept looking up at the cookie jar.  She answered it, “I don’t know if I can.” She opened the door to the garage, which is right next to the broom closet, still looking up at the cookie jar. She seemed to think that if she opened that door somehow she might be able to get up and visit with it and maybe find Dad.  I walked up closer to her and led her out to the living room, slightly shocked myself by the whole thing.

Mom can’t help her confusion, of course.  But we can. The pleasures of the “cookie jars” and the “wisdom” of the world, will try to distract us and distort truth. How important it is that we are in God’s Word and spending time with Him daily so that we know Him. And so that we know His still, small voice that prompts us to follow Him.  We need to stay close to Him so we won’t be deceived. We need to be close to other followers of Jesus, so they can call us out and turn us around if we start being deceived. We need to keep our eyes and focus on God.

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  1. Lol that is so silly 🙂 my grandma when she was really talkative at first, repeating the same things over and over again would say the funniest things that I’ll hold in my heart forever. She would tease my papa, who been married almost 60 years, that “if she would have said yes to that first date in 1956, she would have been Mrs. Hobbs today” and she’d say it so often, my nephew who was around 10 at that time would interrupt her when shed start to say it and say “we know grandma, you would be Mrs. Hobbs today” hahahaha

    Around that same year I escorted my grandparents to my papa’s youngest brothers funeral a few hours away and I sat in the backseat with grandma while our men were sitting up front in the car and EVERY 5 seconds THE ENTIRE RIDE THERE my grandma would lean into to front passenger seat into my husband’s ear and say “I’ve always loved a man with broad shoulders” 😂😂😂😂 over and over and over again. I’m so happy to have these memories!!!!

    She stopped acting like that awhile ago and now is quiet most the time but still answers questions. One thing that I was always afraid of back then was how onlookers wouldn’t understand her behavior. She would walk over to a strangers table at a restaurant and point her finger in their face saying things like “are you up to no good? ” “I’m on to you!” And it was all innocent but I never knew how to handle it, like just don’t say anything or announce to the table that she has AD!?! Blahhhhh anyways sorry I keep blah blahing lol

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