The Urgent Call and the Clever Mama

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Dad called last night and his voice was urgent. “Get over here quick! Mom is sitting on me!” he said.

My husband and I jumped in the car and made the quick trip around the block to their house. But as we were going I kept wondering how she got out of her reclining chair.

I’d been over to feed Mom supper about an hour or so earlier. And when she was done with her meal I’d used the switch on her power recliner to ease her back into a reclining position with her feet up and tucked her in with a cozy throw. Because her walking is so unsteady these days, we only want Mom walking when a caregiver is right there to assist her.

This chair has been a great blessing in keeping her comfortably in one spot for awhile and also in rising her up to an almost standing position when we need help getting her out of it.The power switch mechanism is attached to the chair with a short cord, but on the floor where I didn’t think she could reach it.

Did I leave the chair in the sitting position, I wondered? But I could so vividly remember reclining her. How did she get out?

Jeff and I let ourselves in and saw Dad straining to keep Mom from falling off his lap. We also noticed Mom’s chair, across the room. It wasn’t in the reclining position or the sitting upright one. It had been moved to the up position, which would have had her close to standing!

Jeff and I each took one side of Mom and her gait belt and eased her up to a standing position and then to her wheel chair.

“What happened, Dad?” I asked.

“I was sitting here, and I saw a shadow go past my light. (He’s almost totally blind.) And then I heard Nina say, ‘Can I sit on your lap?’ And she did!”

I must confess I couldn’t help marvel at her ability to get ahold of that switch somehow, raise herself up, and get out of that chair! And since no one was hurt I couldn’t help laughing.

Dad however was not amused. And now we turn the wall switch off to keep power from the chair when we leave.

Such a clever Mama I have!










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