Lessons of Let it Be

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Learning lessons of life and letting it be from my mama…

I went through the normal struggles with Mom’s bath tonight. Then I sat with her and helped her eat her supper while Dad took his shower.

After her meal, Mom looked at one of her story pages. She was only able to read a couple of the words. And she didn’t recognize herself or me or Dad in the photos. I told her, “Mom, that’s a picture of you and me!”
She smiled and said, “Oh, my goodness!”

She didn’t know John 3:16, or name her sibling’s as she usually does. And she only sang a few words of familiar songs I tried to sing with her.

I don’t usually ask her anymore, but for some reason tonight I said, “Do you know who I am?”
She looked right at me and said, “You’re Cheryl, aren’t you?”

Such a surprise! Such a gift! I treasure the words because her memory is so fleeting and sporadic, and I never know when it will be the last time she knows me.

A couple times tonight Mom randomly said, “Let it be.” She’s not a Beatles fan. She doesn’t know the song. She just said, “Let it be,” for no reason I could figure out.

But I’m thinking she’s giving me a wise philosophy for dealing with Alzheimer’s. Maybe life in general. Obviously I have God-given responsibilities that I have to do my best with. But there are many things I have no control over.

There are so many things I tend to worry about, that I need to give to God instead and trust Him and let it be. Just let it be.

God is wise and powerful and strong and in control. I need to do what He tells me to do and let the rest be on His shoulders. His mighty shoulders that can handle everything. I can take a big breath, and exhale and let it be. I can trust Him and let it be. Just let it be.



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