The Golden Moment

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Bath time was as strenuous as usual, but God gave me one golden moment I will treasure…

Mom was mad.  She wanted to kill somebody. She wanted to kill me. She said she hated me.  All par for the course these days. But as I was getting her dressed, I moved her baby doll off the bed onto the dresser. And then Mom said, “I have a baby girl.  Her name is Cheryl.”

She hasn’t remembered my name on her own for months.  It feels like longer than that even. I think it’s been years since she’s remembered she had babies of her own. But here she said my name and associated it with her own baby girl!  “I have a baby girl.  Her name is Cheryl.”  Those words seem so precious to me today. I cheered and gave Mom a hug.

I suppose in reality she probably didn’t know what she was saying. She speaks so much gibberish and nonsensical sentences now. But maybe she had a moment of a true memory… maybe the bond of mother and child clicked back in for a few seconds.

I guess I can’t know for sure. But I’m choosing to believe God knew I needed some sweet words of sunshine in the midst of the hurtful muddy ones. And I’m so thankful. My mama has a baby girl.  And her name is Cheryl!

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